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Nanny Share Program

Safe At Home's Nanny Share Program

The Nanny Share Program provides one child care specialist for the children of two families at the same time in one family’s home. A nanny share can be a great way to lower the cost.

This allows families to reap the same benefits of a nanny while sharing the cost with another family. Below are some benefits families will receive using the Nanny Share Program.

Benefits of Our Nanny Share Program

Social Development

Children will expand their social development by socializing with other children.

Lower Cost

The rate of care is split between two families, resulting in significant savings for each family enrolled in the Nanny Share Program.

Personalized Care

Nanny share gives families the reassurance of knowing that the children are receiving specialized care with an exceptional child care specialist to child ratio.


There are no strict policies for school closings or holidays. When a nanny is unexpectedly unavailable, Safe At Home provides families with back up care. Families set the hours and we help keep clear communication between nannies & families.

Peace of Mind

All of our child care specialists are CPR certified and have completed Advanced Child Care Training courses, background checks, and are meticulously screened.


After each family visit, nannies will share written documentation of the children’s day with their assigned families. The documentation is shared with our billing team and we will send an invoice to each family. This allows families to have a paper trail for each care date, so they are able to use this as documentation for any tax credits.

Additional Benefits

Billing & Payroll

Our Safe At Home team processes earnings & billing between both families. Families receive a bi-weekly email invoice and can pay by check or credit card.

The Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit:

This credit allows families, depending on their income, to take up to a $3,000 tax break per child per year, with a maximum of $6,000. If families have a flexible spending account, or FSA, through their employer, they can also use pre-tax dollars to pay for care.

Connecting Families

For each Nanny Share, we ask that families find another family that they feel comfortable with for this partnership. Nanny Share is ideal for families with children who are approximately the same age and share similar parenting philosophies. However, our child care specialists are trained to meet each & every family’s needs individually.

Safe At Home’s intention is to find the perfect nanny match for families that are willing to partake in the Nanny Share Program. Both families are responsible for finding the right family to share a nanny with, and we will take care of the rest.


If a family isn’t a good fit, the nanny share will not be successful long-term, so it is important to take your time finding the right family. If you don’t have a specific family in mind, we could add you to our “Family Share pool” so you can connect you with other families.

Ready to Get Started?

Step 1: Contact Us

We would love to hear from you! Feel free to give us a call @ 800.790.7233 between the hours of 6 am – 9 pm or you simply fill out the Contact Form located at the bottom of this page.

Step 2: In-Person Meet & Greet

We will set up a time to meet your family in-person or virtually.  Once we have know what type of care you are looking for, we will begin our nanny matching process to find a perfect fit for your family

Step 3: Nanny Matchmaking

Once we have selected a series of nannies that fit your needs, we will provide you with their bio’s and arrange an in-person or over the phone interview with the nannies of your choosing.

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